Thank you for your interest in Limited Edition Wet Process Mural Photographs by Taylor Reed Branson, RML. We are excited to offer this unique opportunity to own original artwork by one of the most influential fine art photographers working today.

By hanging mural sized photographic prints up to 5 feet in size, interior environments are given windows looking onto landscapes from all over the United States. Read on to find out more about the artist and how these prints are made. Taylor Reed Branson works in a photographic process that is becoming increasingly rare.

Currently there are fewer than 10 artists still producing artwork using the technique pioneered by the world famous Ansel Adams. This demand led him to establish a 2000 sq. ft. production facility, necessary in creating massive photographic prints which transform interior environments with densely saturated, vivid color landscapes, abstracts, as well as high contrast back and white photographs. The calm and subtle views create an atmosphere that doesn’t overwhelm your attention but rather enhances working and living environments with artwork you can live with and benefit from for years.

The creation of the artwork starts by using view cameras to expose large sheets of film. After these are developed, the selected image is inserted into a drum scanner. On a clear cylindrical drum the film is spun at thousands of RPM and a file is created by red, green, and blue lasers that read the film grain at a microscopic scale. This resulting file is then inserted into a laser enlarger that translates the data onto photographic paper again using red, green, and blue lasers to create a distortion free perfectly sharp latent image which is processed using photographic chemistry to create a Silver Halide photograph. The print is then trimmed, and mounted by museum archival standards using a vacuum heat press. Resulting in a precisely flat presentation which gives the depth and crispness characteristic of a fine art traditional photograph. They are then framed with wide black moulding, recessed into the frame using spacers, given their stainless steel signature, paper backing, certificate of authenticity, and are delivered ready to hang.

Taylor Reed Branson has had the honor to create portraits of many world famous iconic figures, including the Dalai Lama, Willie Nelson, Prince Ermias Haile Selassie, among others. For his photographic accomplishments and cultural advocacy, in 2017 he was awarded an Imperial Order with post nominal initials from the Ethiopian Crown. In 2018 one of the world’s oldest camera companies, Deardorff and Sons, sponsored Taylor’s work and gave him exclusive global sales for all Deardorff cameras, which have been used by most of the historically famous photographic artists over the past 70 plus years. His artwork is used to advocate for cultural and environmental preservation in addition to being widely exhibited with the purpose of raising funds for Historical Societies, and Museums across the nation. 

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